almost skipped today

I really wanted to skip today because out of nowhere this perplexing job has decided to ramp up in all sorts of weird ways. I am in the month of February going to Texas, Ohio, and Mexico, with an all day dealer meeting thrown in for good measure. Its going to be an interesting time especially after the full day of meeting hell today. Knowing that next month is going to be such a pisser I couldn’t really justify skipping today just because I’m working on a bunch of different things. I am in mind a million miles per hour mode and that’s precisely when I need to write everything down. Doodles and ideas throughout the day took me over an hour to go through tonight and I have to say that the need to sleep is getting in my way. I am an idea machine right now and need to get back to it but first a little follow-up from yesterday…

I touched on something that stuck in my head and by little I mean I’m just kind of pointing this out to myself. I am a big fan of that tension point involved in raw hatred. I catch myself watching those real fight videos on the internet and immediately picking a side getting in to the raw emotion. Hate is a powerful thing and because I don’t really practice it in real life anymore I think the glimpses on the internet take me back. Working in the types of bars that I did in college gave me a lot of opportunity to see folks at their best and at that point in my life nothing made me happier than the start of some shit. I’d like to think I’ve matured but there is still a part of my primitive lizard brain that would love nothing more than to tear something up. No big revelation there just something I need to look into. crap, I just thought of something else, non ridiculous internet diary related.

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