I uh OK

OK I’m sitting down to write this and The Office is on in the background. Kevin is beginning his speech and cranks Crazy Train and runs around the room. I just laughed out loud and got side tracked because I’ve been doing some meetings at work and now I want to copy his opening. minus the near heart attack. But anyway I appreciate his need to ramp himself up and it reminded me of a thing I did in Tucson with my sales team. You might find this odd but people with broken air conditioning in the middle of summer that live on the barren surface of the sun get a bit cranky. The guys were having a problem resetting themselves after especially salty customers and the answer we came up with was a playlist.

Actually this was before the MP3 player so I had everyone give me two songs that could pull them out of a bad mood. The CD was absolutely perfect. It gave you whiplash as it went from Hip-hop to Speed Metal to Hardcore Rap with some stupidtom peppered throughout for comic relief. I had some old TV and cartoon themes plus some awesome old stuff. I’ve got to find a copy of that thing else I’ll have to attempt to recreate it. To this day I have a Bad Mood playlist on my iPod to serve that purpose. Some ideas are good but other ideas are bad…


I would love to know what this dude does for a living. Color me puzzled.

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