financial lockdown weekend

My family just loves when I do this but we are in the home stretch of a challenging year and this should be the last one of these for a while. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. I love listening to the complaints during this stuff as if I were asking everyone to go without food or heat. My children have no idea that when they whine like this I drift into my contemplation of a Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka inspired all-bed existence centered around a Craftmatic adjustable bed and an Airstream trailer. Flat screen TV on the trailer wall, swing-arm table that pulls across the bed hospital style, noise canceling headphones that only let me hear sounds of my choosing. The truck that pulls me and my trailer around the country runs on biodiesel so my stuff always smells like fried food. Clothing will finally be down to a couple Ray Rayner style jumpsuits, a real suite for court and such, maybe a t-shirt and a bathing suite, couple pairs of different shoes and a winter coat.

Long time readers know that it all has to fit in a jump bag but my modified dream sees the Airstream as a big silver lifebag.I need the science folks to hurry up with the personal fuel cells already so I can generate my own electricity but there are less ideal ways around that. Communications will be all electronic all the time and once I get bored with myself I’ll open up my Human Connections bar where you check all electronics at the door.

I’m sorry honey, what were you whining about “not fair” because I was just wondering if there are any kids around the world who might need a hand digging their relatives out of the rubble that used to be their home…

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