The great Gazoo

I have drawn some looks whilst working on my little Alienware laptop out in public. Partially because a giant human is typing on what looks like a toy but more due to the NASCAR type sticker arrangement on the lid. First let me tell you about The Great Gazoo. (get it? Alienware… small alien, big brain?.. tough shit, I hate working so hard for something that cracks ME up so I’ll stop trying to explain the name) The house needed another computer and I was looking for something a little smaller than the surfboard laptop I was carrying around. So I went for a netbook but everyone I tried pissed me off in some way. I have some very specific technological requirements that I wont bore you with but I wasn’t happy with anything I saw.

Then I stumbled upon this ridiculously powerful for the price clearance model because it contained year old technology. I had some discounts and coupons plus the Holidays were upon us so it all worked out that I spent an extra two hundred dollars and got a machine that I love. So on to the stickers. I have a nasty habit of always grabbing a laptop by the same spots. I carry it one way and open it another so bad is this habit that if you went to some of my past companies I could pick my computers out of a pile. Then I was talking to an IT kid a couple of companies ago and he had this elaborate college decal that covered the entire outside like a skin. Very cool but too much trouble.

So I told him my problem and he told me that he used stickers for “touch points” and since that point all of my personal laptops have always had a few stickers strategically placed. Gazoo has become a little out of control thanks to the influence of my middle child and her over-customization of everything that she owns. Turns out that printing your own little stickers is relatively easy. maybe too easy…


The picture isn’t the best but you get the idea. Rather than try to explain I’ll let the pic to the talking. Any questions post a comment and I promise to reply.

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