this snow is a pisser

I don’t really mind the sixty to seventy mile per hour winds especially as they were bending the tree of doom toward my neighbors but this snow is a pain in the groin. With no houses directly across from us the drifts are nothing short of spectacular. Front door and garage door drifted shut, the dog gulag was one giant drift, and the fruity hybrid was artfully buried. I was going to take pictures but when I began the unsealing process the winds were still a problem. After I shoveled out a toilet for the dog I dug out the front. After twenty minutes of uninterrupted shoveling and progress that made me want to cry I set out to start the dead snowblower or light myself on fire trying.

That took a good twenty minutes and someone as mechanically un-inclined as I should not be allowed to monkey with machinery in that way but it was running and no active flames in sight. The blower of snow didn’t make things much easier because the drifts were a good foot above the snorkel. And so began a two hour shovel blow odyssey that only finished about half of the task. And then my savior rode up on his shiny green and yellow steed launching the evil snow like it wasn’t even there. OK it wasn’t that easy because the big drift was well above his machine as well but just doing the shovel off the top part was a welcome relief.

Busted the second half out and finished up the elderly neighbor in just under forty-five minutes for a little under four hours of snow removal time. And now here I sit aching from head to toe. I forgot how bad shoveling sucks. Slamming the snowblower in and out of monster drifts over and over again is no picnic either. (that assumes picnics are both easy and fun, not really my experience but I guess it’s a popular phrase so I’ll stick with it.) I am in dire need of a nap but first some post snowpocalypse pictures…


Driveway clean, big drift moved to front yard, next up finish cleaning my car off, again.


unprotected patio is just wrong. This never would have happened with my carport in place.


I don’t think the heat pump is doing much good right now.

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