Holy Cats! This is an expression of my mothers that my kids say all the time but I caught myself thinking it after my inner-voice got tired of swearing. This day’s fresh Hell was ten hours of sequestered learning about a new manufacturers warranty procedures. Now before you think I’m headed down the long and whining road you need to know a couple of key points about me.

  1. I actually like training. Professionals train and if you consider yourself a professional but you are relying on information you picked up ten or twenty years ago because that’s how its always been done then I think you are making a big mistake. It doesn’t even have to be formal training. Read a book, join a group of your peers to talk about current issues, try to do something that makes you better at what you do otherwise you should not consider yourself a professional.
  2. Something can be learned from every situation.

Number two is specifically applicable today because my learning had nothing to do with the material being presented. The lesson I learned today was if you are going to try and fake your way through ten hours of classroom work you had better be prepared for onslaught of people trying to stop your heart with their minds. The power of positive thinking has to work both ways because I truly believe that everything has an equal opposite. If I actually kill someone with my mind tomorrow I’ll follow up but know I was just aiming for a temporarily debilitating stroke or hospitalizing shortness of breath.

I am in the worst mood right now. I can barely stand to be around myself. After that day of fun and enlightenment I added an extra hour of drive time due to the disappearing lanes and four going down to two traffic jams. I don’t get the whole no lane surprise thing. The plow guys are making a years worth of money this week and I would think that the edge to edge concept would be both basic and satisfying. That’s just my anal-retentive side peeking out because there is a part of me that would like to suit up and properly clean a couple sections of highway. Time to crack the imaginary whip and get my two days off of school kids to get ready for tomorrow. I’m also mad because my asking if they played Chilean Miner in the snow drifts joke fell flat. I’m off my overall game.

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