I was in a shitake mushroom of a mood last night after a day of mind numbing training in a room half filled with people who cant figure out where to fill in their name on a test. So my son coming to me with an Xbox problem was the last thing I wanted to deal with. I used to be the fascinated tech guy who loved fixing problems and learning what went wrong but lately I am more like my brother. He just wants stuff to work and when it doesn’t he has no more use for it. Or, if he feels no compelling need for a technology he doesn’t bother. Texting, dumb, just call him. The feature was shut off of his last phone (an old school flip of Katie’s from seven years ago) but when that one died he had to get a new one. If he could figure out how to shut them off he would but since he cant they annoy him even more.

“Facebook? What the hell for, I talk to everyone I want to right now…” And it culminated with him making an angry tech support call to any of his nieces or nephew regarding the Wii. He got Max so he asked him how to shut the thing off and my son replied “just turn it off.” Awesome. I wish I could have had a camera on him at that point. So last night it took me almost an hour to get the stupid Xbox communicating with the Uverse again and we were at the point where I was just going to stomp the thing into a pile of plastic and mail it to Bill Gates. I just want the shit to work like it says its going to work and not stop doing so without human intervention. Bah Humbug

In other technology news my poor little laptop The Great Gazoo is now completely naked. I need to use him for something at work and have no desire to explain my thirteen year old girl tendencies or each individual sticker. Bad enough that he had a small glowing alien head.


I think that giant reflection is a portion of my thumb somehow


That’s with the lid up and I’m still getting the mini aurora borealis


All stickers were moved to the inner door of my home office armoire next to my Schrute bucks. Don’t ask if you don’t know or care. Me thinks I need to find a more robust creative outlet or else a job that requires more use of my brain.

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