As I sit here watching the snow fall once again this morning I cant help but think that this is part of some plan. In fact this is exactly how I’d play it if I stumbled upon an abandoned weather machine. I’d make this weather close to unbearable to scare away all of the weaklings then I’d crank up the warming settings to burn off the edges of this country, Mexico, South America, Etc. To balance Chicagoland I would probably have to freeze Canada solid. Anyone? OK nobody cares about that… Moving on. But Tom, what about the rest of the world? Won’t that cause devastation across the globe? I’m sorry, didn’t you read the part where the weaklings are scared out of this area? Its going to take some stones to live in and defend weather paradise. But don’t worry about the defend part because with my garbage picked weather machine I will bring lightning strikes and cyclones down upon any potential invaders.

Here in Stupidtomopolis I will be safely encamped in the newly renamed Stupidtom Tower. What you talking bout Willis?! sorry, couldn’t resist… But in this awesome, some might call it crazy, scenario I will need to height to make the stupidtomweathernater more affective. (I have a huge problem with the affect effect thing. It’s like a mental speed bump) Anyway, I need to stop dreaming about world domination and get back to clearing the To-Do deck so I can experience a clean Superbowl. I need to have my wits about me as I look for nonsensical things to bet on.

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