sign sign everywhere a sign

OK today I started with the title because the complete thought was on my mind before I started to write but have no fear I’m not jumping into a Hippie rant about fences and signs. In fact I am a firm believer in the good fences make good neighbors rule. Well, amended to say that good fences make bad neighbors more tolerable. Anyway that’s not what I’m talking about today. I am going more for the story about the devoutly religious man sitting on his roof in a flood and refusing rescue by boat and helicopter telling the rescuers that God will take care of him only to drown. Then he has stones enough to bitch at his deity for not saving him and he gets the creator of smartass answer “I sent a boat and a helicopter…” You get the point except for some reason I pulled back on the swearing when the original thought struck me in the car but that’s stupid because MY God swears like he invented that as well. I fully expect a slap on the back and a [in that booming James Earl Jones voice that seems to come from everywhere like a great subwoofer] Good for You Tom for seeing through the stuffy pricks that wrote my book.

You can thank Doug for the religious detour as I was trying to freak him out a little after he accused me of evangelizing during the Superbowl. That’s funny, a Catholic evangelizing. Even the late in life converted ones know that if we don’t think you’re on the right path we fight you until you change your mind. Silly.

Anyway the sign thing refers to my getting dumber every day at my current place of employ. I spent two and a half hours today teaching someone who has been in business the basics of running it. By the time we were done I think he wanted to quit because it all seemed like too much work. And then he asked me the question I’ve heard more than once over the years “Why don’t you just start one of these yourself?” Yup, there is was again. And after that I got to call on my old shop where they have made many of the improvements we had in the long range plans since I left. One of the girls walked right up, not even saying hi and said “we all thought we’d be working for YOUR company by now” Awesome, couldn’t feel much worse but after I thought about it I realized that its time to press on and find something where I help build and grow something again not just advise, teach, and get ignored.

I swear I am working on just that but these things take time and I just turned one of the opportunities down because we couldn’t make the numbers work. No need to take something else and have one eye out the door again. The next move will be for my foreseeable future. Stifle yourself, Edith!

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