Right here in River City

There is trouble in our not so little town and it involves a former teacher and coach at one of the local middle schools. Liza is upset because she knows the alleged perp but I am taking the low road most often traveled. by me. said same teacher liked/likes the young ladies a little too much and by young I mean going to have some trouble when he finally gets to prison young. Our local paper ran the story online and it took everything I had to resist the urge to write multiple funny comments. Before I could type in the URL I got the “don’t even think about it” which loosely translates to Don’t you dare type any of your nonsense into the comments section of that story! It’s not funny, you’re not funny.

While I slightly disagree with the I’m not funny part I do concur that the whole abuse thing is no laughing matter. This dude always set off my internal alarms and you might accuse me of hindsense but he went to sporting events, non school related of his students, evenings and weekends. A young man in his twenties should have better things to do than hang out with tweens. The second thing that bothered me was the teacher in question was raised in the same white bread suburb as this reported yet he spoke with an accent slash mouth full of too big teeth and spit reminiscent of Jerry Lewis doing Japanese. A math teacher that the students can’t understand? Awesome.

There was also the time that I wrote him a Napalm email about his teaching skills copying the head of his department, principal, superintendent, you get the gist. Even though it thoroughly embarrassed my wife and child the problem was quickly resolved. I am itching to jump into the comment pool and have clearance from the tower to type away “if” he gets convicted. I have already begun a notes file for this one. I’ll try some of my best out on you once we get closer to court time.

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