Six hour road trip with the eldest as she spends the night evaluating Xavier. This decision has to be hers and hers alone but I’m not getting the best vibe from Cincinnati. I don’t think that Les Nessman even comes back here and I would argue that he is one of this towns favorite sons. I was thinking about driving around looking for Carson Palmer to thank him for all of the Fantasy Football help this year but there’s no way he stays here year round. My friend George swears that there is a good part of this place and maybe its mobile so I keep missing it.  I ended up in an awesome neighborhood and I was never so thankful for freezing temperatures before. Big white douche in a little white hybrid. I am awesome.

If you are a native Cincinnatian I under no circumstances apologize. You need to install some THIS WAY TO THE FRIENDLY CLEAN PARTS OF OUR CITY signs. I might think differently if this were a son contemplating this school but its not so my guard is up. The campus is beautiful but I’d bet that the American University in Cairo looks pretty sweet. Too bad you cant teleport in and out of it right now. Anyway, I’m just venting right now because I can’t to my child. I’m not sure if you’re aware but my personality can be a bit overwhelming and concentrate it by trapping yourself in a car with me whilst I attempt to sway your opinion my way is just no fun. So, future Katie, If this is your sophomore year and you ended up going here take no offense, I just worry…

I am getting in a worse mood due to the news story in the background about the woman who had a live birth- 6 pound baby boy – in a toilet and attempted to flush the child. I have a pile of inappropriate and too-soon things bubbling up inside me but only because I use humor as a coping mechanism. She is claiming amnesia for a complete live full term birth.  I watched that three different times without going through any of the physical pain and I remember everything. Did she chew through the umbilical chord? OH HELL NO! They were at the circus! clowns! Question all clowns immediately. I need to find the clicker so I can change the channel before I start driving to South Carolina. Maintenance worker heard some noise, opened the stall, probably looked at the worst thing they’ve ever witnessed and then the baby moved. I need to go now

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