tracking the side

Now that my eldest child has chosen a college I find myself obsessing over the changes that are coming. Not only the nightmare of paying for this whole extravaganza but everything. I am inarticulate right now because I have thunk myself into a funk and am having trouble pulling out. I am in the midst of a Life Inventory and evaluation and once you begin to write it all down it gets real. Why does sending a child to college feel more like a milestone than any other part of my life? Me thinks somebody’s caught a case of the mid-lifes. I am in one crazy ass place this evening and I can hardly keep the train from heading down side tracks. Like anything I need to wrap a plan around this but first I’d better figure out exactly what THIS is. could just be tired or this could be the tiny crack that causes the iceberg to calve. I should also confess that I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep for the last hour waiting for daughters to get home.

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