wow, apparently I woke up last night in a fog and posted because I remembered I didn’t  but that was one weird entry. So I’m typing now to avoid more of the same. My mind is moving a mile a minute. I’ve got plans on top of plans and its all beginning to fall into place but there are a bunch of details to be hammered out. Then this pesky job thing has me flying to Texas for three days and guess what? I get to stay two nights with a roommate. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.

So I don’t know if I’ll be able to post Monday or Tuesday but right now I’m thinking about posting pictures from the trip with the phone if I can figure it out. And by pictures I mean shots of this random dude sleeping with the hope of waking him up and flipping him out.

I spent the day with Liza shopping for a new couch and I couldn’t be more mentally exhausted. First off, we spent forty minutes wandering around Walter E. Smithe and I think we weren’t dressed well enough for the “designers.” I should also tell you that we have been planning for this couch buy for more than a year so we are ready to buy and were prepared to take advantage of their cash discount. But no one could even take the time to greet us. So instead if designing and ordering our sectional today at their store we will do whatever possible to buy something we like from anywhere BUT Walter E Smithe. I especially loved the girl who was doing nothing but straightening the pillows after we got up from trying different models. Not one word.

Any good furniture store recommendations are welcome. And now I turn to my old friend internet as I search for a couch from China.

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