As I get ready for my trip I’ve been doing some thinking about this whole web log thing and Facebook, The Twitter, etc. I think there needs to be an easy way to keep information that you want to share with different layers of your friends and family. Writing every day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and I understand that but it would be nice to be able to look in and find out what an old friend is reading if I’m looking for a new book. Or to be able to trade a playlist with someone I haven’t seen in a while to see how where each other are at musically. I hope things move that way because Facebook just seems a little douchey to me right now. (I know… this from the fruit what writes in his diary on the internet…)

My point about bookface is that its like a giant Christmas letter. A boiled down collection of everything good with a bunch of annoying games, ads, and other crap thrown in. While I love spying around peoples lives I rarely feel like I’ve learned anything about what’s really going on in their lives. I’ve given The Twitter another shot partially because the celebrity things crack me up but when someone I know in real life finally posts something I get more of a feel for them as a person. I’m not sure if that makes sense but that’s where I’m at.

I am on the precipice of working for people with full stupidtom knowledge and that would be a change. There was the whole working for Jordy thing but at that time he would only know about something I wrote if someone questioned him about details of an adventure. This will be different in a lot of ways. This is a company that I want to buy in to and one that could utilize my full skill set. I will be happy going in to work each day and that scares me a little because the last couple of years that has not been the case. I’m not going to talk too much about it because I don’t want to Jinx it but good stuff possibly coming my way.

And how exactly will that change you might ask. Well, I’ll no longer have to obsessively attempt to keep the association between the site and my real name a secret. Not like I’m going to change it to TOM’s REAL NAME PRESENTS STUPIDTOM but I wouldn’t cringe (as much) when someone mentioned a post in a crowd of people. I’ll still do my best to keep it away from the kids but my mom can’t stop weaving it into conversation so that’s probably going to be blown sometime in the near future anyway. But back to my original thought.

Like the thirteen year old girl that I am I was preparing a little road trip playlist. This is for the flight but more importantly to completely tune out my roommate. Crap, that one hurt to type. I actually floated a trial balloon about paying to sleep separately but was hit with an avalanche of the other person agreeing as well and being against company policy in the paperwork I just signed so I realized it would be a losing battle. Anyway I made a list of my songs as well as loading another audiobook but I was wondering what some of my friends were currently listening to and wanted a place to go check on that. Probably wont happened but it would be nice.

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