mood is wrong

In an awesome burst of boring I have nothing to say this evening due to an eleven hour day battling mediocrity. Without too much sleep inducing detail I spent hours circling around the same problem over and over again. At one point I was going to scream REALLY!? and quit but what’s the fun in that? Instead I pretend that I’m on a hidden camera TV show that is trying to get me to blow my stack and every minute I remain externally calm I get a hundred dollars. If said same show is in progress I estimate I’m about to hit the elusive million dollar maximum. hot dog.

I am still completely bound up from my inability to relax my digestive tract with a roommate I barely knew and my back has decided to remind me that I’m fat. I even tried to tell it on the ride home that I was attempting a life change that could include some scheduled time for working out but then I realized that there’s no way it could hear me pressed into the go-cart seat with the stereo cranking out Bone Thugs and Harmony.

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