Bunkered in

I’ve somehow managed to be left completely alone this Friday evening while the grade school talent slash variety show goes on a half block from the house. Since I don’t have a performing youngest and I successfully avoided any and all possible invitations I am home safe. While a number of my good friends are trapped sweating their asses off I hope that one of them takes up my usual spot holding up the back wall. So much freedom and I sit here typing on this thing. It’s just a time filler while I wait to make my final decision. and the cherry on this Freedom Friday Sundae is my lovely bride and a couple of her friends are heading our to catch a late showing of the Stuttering Emperor or whatever its called. I might actually clear a couple complete series on the old DVR right now.

The anal retentive got to get things done side of me wants to start rearranging the house but that can wait until tomorrow. I need to get it done in steps and I’ve already written down a plan. (don’t judge me) You see we finally have just enough money to finish the three year ceiling debacle I caused when I tore the kitchen wall out during a dangerous alone with this house period. As long as were ripping everything down we might as well put some can lights up there and get a new couch while were at it. The fun starts Monday so I have this weekend to empty the main floor and tape the cabinets with the hope that the dust wont get in. (I know but let me have my delusions)

I’ll post some before during and afters beginning tomorrow when I start work. This will have to do as my accomplishment for the evening. I’m actually counting avoiding the show as a big win for the weekend.

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