The End.

I think I heard that phrase in the background on TV tonight and its stuck in my brain. There was a girl with an autism type disorder and when she was done with a story or thought she finished up with The End. I am officially going to steal that. It will probably freak folks out the first couple times I do it but like anything it will just become part of me being me. I’m most excited about its uses in ending boring conversations or stopping arguments when I’m done talking. The End.

In other doings… we finally chose a couch today and are two days away from demolition. Part of me wanted to take a hammer to just a little part of the ceiling but sanity washed back over me. I’m going to leave this one up to the professionals and hope for better results. I usually get a great head of steam over the stress relieving demolition followed by the anal retentive clean-up of the crime scene then the half assed attempt at work I am under qualified to complete. Weird doings this entire upcoming week followed by a trip to Mexico a week from today. Mexico without my built in governor slash wife could spell trouble, best not to dwell on that. The End.

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