cleaning and inspiration

As I sit here doing a little light straightening of my computer I realized that I had not given something a fair shot. I should probably explain the light straightening thing first. At least once a week I go through all of my email and organize it. Again, the slight self diagnosed anal retentive thing, but it helps me to reread things that I might have blown by on my phone or read for a second when I didn’t really have the time. I like to do this early before everyone wakes up because I can take my time and there are no distractions. I like to handle my personal email on a Saturday or Sunday and usually go through the work stuff as late as possible on Friday so I can capture what I need to put on the docket for the upcoming week. It might not be the perfect system but it works for me.

So while I was reading through the personal emails of the last week I finally dug down to a bunch from the postaday2011 thing. You’ve probably seen the tags at the end of every post this year or the badge on the sidebar and its just a thing for the people who sign up to try and post every day this year. I usually hit every week day but I liked the challenge and I love it when the people I read write more. One of the problems is that sometimes you just drop a bird turd on the page to post something, anything, to cover the day. I hate that and you probably do as well. The good people that thought up this little challenge are ahead of us and they have been sending me emails chock full of good ideas but I kind of blew them off as a crutch.

I put them in a review later file and today was later. After reading ten or so I realized that I wanted to write about more than half. It still feels a little weak but we are talking about writing an online diary for no reason so the whole things built on a sand foundation. I’m going to figure out an identifier so you know when I’m using a supplied topic just to make myself feel better. It will be as subtle as a slap in the face but the thoughts that are already bouncing around the bean are pretty interesting. I need to get back to organizing before the house comes alive. Big day of tasks around the castle and then a religion class to teach this evening. The fun never stops.

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