arguing is fun

I have been trying to be less argumentative lately even in the face of blatant ignorance. Recently I was presented with a coworker who believes that all books, movies, stories of every kind have happened in real life somewhere on the planet. At first I thought I was being goofed with but when pressed this person stuck to their guns. I’m trying to avoid identifying personal pronouns because this person has pinned the stupidometer due to no fault of their own. I tried a couple of what I thought were obvious points proving the opposite like Star Wars or Spiderman but no soap. This person is stuck in a rut of ignorance that even the tow truck of truth cannot extricate. Did you get a load of that last sentence? Just associating with this person has dropped my IQ.

I’m chalking that little encounter up as a win in the don’t argue column because I chose to treat it as an exploratory exercise into the persons mind even if all I found was a dead end. So it is with a heavy heart that I report my lack of self control today. It seemed like an innocent discussion about style and how EVERYTHING comes back in style. After a while listening I blurted out that EVERYTHING is a strong statement considering the size and age of the planet and the breadth of human imagination. I was looked at like I was an idiot so naturally I reacted. I floated out a couple things from history like powdered wigs, suits of armor, and body parts of your enemies but these were dismissed as if they were not “style.” As I walked away clearly winning in my own mind I strongly declared that I didn’t feel like the Hitler moustache would be coming back around. ever.

arguing is fun.


insulated, tomorrow new ceiling goes up


awesomely bad picture in complete darkness with just phone flash

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