shitake mushrooms its tense around here

I realize that I’m heading out of the country and the house is upside down with remodel but I came home to a buzz saw. Well, there is the complete mess that is our current COBRA coverage so I guess when I see everything all stacked up like that… The dust is EVERYWHERE and I would take some pictures but right now that would be poking the tiger with a stick. My limousine limo will be here to get me at 4:15am for some ridiculous early morning start time. At first I thought the gate time was due to my flight being on USA 3000 and the fact that they might have to take off before the name brand planes or something like that. I am breaking a core stupidtom rule by flying on this thing. There are times when going with the generic is OK but air travel? If I go down know that I will have screamed out THAT’S WHAT WE GET! I’m going to try and post from Mexico but the good people at American Telephone and Telegraph have informed me that roaming Mexican data use can break the bank.

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