This could be the most costly post in the history of stupidtom dot com as I come to you live from my iPhone. I’m going to be brief and not post any pictures until I get the WiFi in the room thing straightened out. But Tom why are you typing this right now in the midst of an all-inclusive resort? Because some genus fired up Karaoke at the bar where all of my friends are and I don’t want to let them know that its my Kryptonite. I say friends in the loosest form of the word but I do like a handful of the people I work with and if we were around each other more… anyway, as I thumb type this I can feel my sphincter tighten up with the potential expense. I’ll post more better tomorrow when I’m not so worried about the costs. I’m rollin on three hours sleep and a couple two or three resort drinks so my pounding headache is nicely accented by hot-burping fruit juice and tequila. I should not be here without my governor.

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