sitting in Mexico with a pile on my mind

I’m pretty sure I haven’t written about this yet but I am on the precipice of yet another career change. This one however will be exactly what I want to do. I’m down here wasting a romantic room by inhabiting it solo and burning time kissing asses of customers I will have nothing to do with in the near future. I am working a couple potential future business associates but I’m walking a fine line so I have to be careful. Weird. Its like dating… When you really want a girlfriend theres nothing you can do to force it but as soon as you give up looking opportunity presents itself. I’ve even had a couple of half-assed job offers down here that I wouldn’t consider but when it rains it pours. The other reason that I am so excited is I will eventually have a piece of the business which is all I’ve ever wanted. So my thoughts are scrambled but my mind is already working with the new opportunity. I need to make the insurance thing work so my wife doesn’t finally kill me in my sleep. COBRA and all of the switching has her at the end of her stupidtom tolerance. Even I want this to be the last change for a long long while. Insurance should not be this enormous nut pain.

I watched the Oscars last night floating from table to table in the resorts main ballroom trying to engage socially awkward business owners. These folks all sold enough to qualify for this trip but some have no social skills at all. I don’t get it but someone has to pull the weirdo duty every once in a while and last night was my turn. I also think I worked it so hard because I felt a little guilty about being on this trip and giving notice. It’s not easy being me but I’ll muddle through. I had some pictures but elAT&T warned me about data use again and the reasonable four dollars a megabyte makes me pucker up a bit. If I can’t post them now I’ll drop em all in when I get back home.

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