a nice email

this piece of viewer mail starts off with the heartwarming “Hey douchebag, what gives with the new look of stupidtom? It looks like a gay biker on my computer and even worse on my Android.” I can’t help but be warmed by such kind concern for the aesthetics of stupidtom dot com. To be honest with you I didn’t even remember making the change but its always good to get feedback. I read it on my computer down in the business center and laughed out loud. It turns out that the data rate from my cell phone povider works out to around four dollars an email according to one customer who has made some costly data usage mistakes.

I am officially finished with Mexico right now. Golfed this morning and it was fun but I miss my family and I want to get home. The business talk for the most part is over and I think everyone is sun fried and tired. I’m getting ready for the big send-off party and then it will be time to pack so we can get out of here in the morning. I think I’m rambling right now but I’m typing this to prevent a nap.


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