travelingtom is not necessarily funnytom especially in Mexico. After going through security and immigration to get out of their country and walking through the perfectly placed duty free department store that you cant avoid before all gates you and all of your stuff is thoroughly searched AGAIN before you get on the plane to the states. I might have been a little cranky when I said “what? do you think I stole an ancient Mayan urinal cake during my potty stop?” I’m not sure if he understood a word but my tone is probably what got me in trouble. I was waiting to get the stitches pulled from my bag. And then the guy in the US just asks me if I had fun and where I worked.

Then there was the full body scan on the way out… I’m crammed into a plastic tube and everyone is looking at you because no matter what they are trying to figure out why you are there. So I asked the young lady if I she noticed anything I should be concerned about. nothing. When at first you don’t succeed ask if you can have a copy of the picture. nope, nothing. Luckily something kicked in that alerted me to stop there but I bombed hard no pun or potential threat to airline safety intended. The house has changed a ton since I left so I’ll update that mess tomorrow.

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