My old, old, workplace, the salt mine, the one that was doing some squirrely screw the employees type things announced today that they would be selling all of the company owned stores to individual franchisees and shutting down that half of the business. Right now I would be contemplating my measly stay bonus and sending out panic resumes while I waited for the ax to fall. My phone has been ringing off the hook. Mostly requests for help but peppered in there were a couple of very interesting job offers. This is how I know that the move I’m about to make is the right one because I turned them down with little thought even in the face of more immediate money. I just need to work out some transition details but I think that good things are heading my way.

The only joy I can take away from this tragic business turn of events was that my substantial gut was right. The company was managed by spreadsheet and forgot about the people that actually get the work done. A handful of pencil pushers and yes men took one of the most recognized brands in the country right down the drain. A little prayer for those who will be looking for work in the near future and a full-on Voodoo Death Hex aimed at the C-Suckers that ruined a once great thing.

Selfish side note and regret: I felt great after the first couple you were right calls but that quickly turned to guilt at calls three through eleven. The shittiest part of the whole deal is my arch enemy and the other architects of the apocalypse will all protect themselves like the weasels that they be. Today was packed and the house is still a wreck but I promise some progress pictures tomorrow.

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