Road tripped

(2013-06-14 18:20)

Drove all the way up to the lake and all I got done was a round trip walk. The stupid speed storm blew brought town and knocked down a bunch of trees and knocked out power. So my 3:00 appointment to drop the boat in the water was delayed. I didn’t ip out because it really wasn’t their fault but a phone call could have saved me some time and gas. They are going to drop it o this week all cleaned up as an apologetic gesture so I’m good. I did a perimeter check while I was there and found that some other creature aside from the giant woodpecker is trying to take one of the big trees down.


I’m not sure what it is but it needs to hurry up before I have to spend more money to have it safely chopped down. Anyway, enough about the house we have decided to sell as I caught myself making a list of things to do before listing.

In other news the same storm that hit the lake scared me off of the road Wednesday night. So I watched the Blackhawks marathon in a bar but I wasn’t alone as my brother wanted to begin another group text-a-thon. It’s like watching with friends.

There were a couple of guys next to me at the bar who were no fun at all. I have a very funny cop friend so when these two duds asked if I was one I laughed. I made some stupid crack about being overly physically t and ill admit it wasn’t my best work but they just stared. I saw that some Illinois association of juvenile officers was in my hotel so I asked if they were in town for that.

You can probably see where this is going… They said yes and I made some horrible crack about them looking too old and from then on they acted like they wanted to arrest me. Oh well, more friends than I can handle right now anyway. The real pisser was once that all went down the Hawks tied the game so no one was leaving. Luckily I had some twisted old friends to keep me company electronically.

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