Holy shitsticks this social network stalking thing is getting harder to do. Someone posted something on Instagram I wanted to see but I didn’t want the person to know what a lurking creep I am. Not as freaky as it sounds I just hate being a part of all of these things and post nothing. I already give myself douche chills by having a blog (just typing that flushed my face with shame) but this is where I write in relative anonymity. I might have put some serious holes in my cloak of invisibility this evening by reactivating my stupidtom Instagram account. As I was screaming NOOOOOO STOP it was connecting me with everyone it could nd from my real name Facebook. awesome

I only tell people I know about this who I think might get a kick out of reading this crap and those I can trust to not bring it up every time they see me. If I wanted to talk about it I would write under my real life name. In fact, I have gone to great lengths to keep the two separate.I even shut down for a little while to shake o some dead weight followers and it worked. luckily there is a kid in the UK with my same name that I could quickly shift the blame toward if needed. Ultimately I guess I don’t really care but the security breech annoys.

So if you stopped by wondering who the idiot called stupidtom is that tried to follow you on Instagram really is send me an email to stupidtom at gmail dot com and I’ll apologize and let you know.


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