Biblical  floods are awesome when they happen elsewhere.



You can see the waterline was halfway to floating Liza’s sweet ride.


My fake stream is acting like a real one


Somewhere under there lies my sump eject.

These pictures and this post are a not-so-clever disguise for this websites swan song. I put a stake in its heart a while back and should have let it rest in peace. I just don’t have it in me anymore. This has become an unfun chore and I’ve got enough of those right now thank you very much.

I was trying to hang on for a lot of the wrong reasons. Trying to get to 3,000 posts (this will be #2,920) but I’m only truly proud of about a third. This is year 15 for this crap and all I’ve got to show is one lousy t-shirt and a couple of my friends have license plate frames. My Google Adwords is up to a whopping $45.97 so it looks like I’d need another year to earn my rst ever $100.

I wish that band had purchased the domain name before they broke up. That would have been some-thing. Anyway, I’m going to concentrate on my real live human connections and climb out of my head for now. Thanks for tuning in.

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