Hello world… yuck

I wrote online for a lot of years. More than ten to be not very exact. I started writing a journal so my kids would have a different perspective on their father but it turned into a creative outlet for me as most of my all-over-the-board career exploits stifled that part of my brain.

Then the writing turned into a chore. It wasn’t fun anymore for a number of reasons that included an online troll who got under my skin. I know, you’re thinking blah, blah, blah, whaaa. But I tell you that because it was colliding with my growing dislike for internet over-sharing and social media specifically.

I was having trouble justifying a blog (eww, just typing that word gave me a douche chill) when I hated reading about others chronicling every passing minute of their days. Now don’t misunderstand me as I am a huge fan of online investigatory work. I consider my personal Facebook page to be my duck blind where I can peek into the lives of others without exposing much of my own. I also feel like I’m pretty adept at searching for things and if nobody posted anything there would be nothing to find… (holy crap I just turned into Captain Obvious there for a second. sorry)

Anyway I have come to the decision that I like writing much more than my perceived anonymity.  I say perceived not because I am a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy person but I know that there are things being collected on or about me every day that paint a picture. The crud that I will plop on to this space is just one more color on the pallet.  So here it is, my first post of a new writing adventure. Not much to see right now but check back later and I’m sure you’ll be equally disappointed.

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