So here’s the thing

about this thing. err web page, web log, never blog. I should let you know that it might get a little clunky and seen disjointed because I’ve been doing it for so long I might have trouble remembering what the casual reader might or might not know about the site. I had a couple things drift across the cranium as I was setting it up so I’ll put those here now.

The name comes from a time when there was only dot com and the cost to have your own domain was a bit more than it is today. As I was searching for an available address this one came up and it made me smile. The logo combines the name plus my love of umlauts and in the style of a then up and coming search engine company that was talking on the mighty Yahoo. A good friend and talented graphic artist did the heavy lifting while I had the good sense to hold on to it for all this time.

This is not on any kind of hosted platform or service as they have all pissed me off in some way over the years. Its a free Google site with the barest bone template I could find and that is the best. All of the typing and publishing things online come with some kind of drawback beginning with paying a hefty fee if you want to do anything cool or try and earn some money. Others are completely free but they own your stuff. I don’t know why that bothers me so because I’m not really attached to anything I put down here on electronic paper but it does.

The other reason this is my best fit has to do with the no links no comments no ads format. I’m better when I write to an imaginary audience of no one. It helps with the flow of nonsense from my skull. Plus my good friends got me in Dutch with the people at Google Adwhatever after they found out that clicking helped me. By the way my total haul for the entire time I was writing was just shy of $90 and that included an anonymous donation of 3 years site hosting. I had an offer to buy the domain from a band in the UK with the same name but they broke up before the deal was complete.

Why now? After all this time going dark. Great question and I don’t have a great answer. I was making a decision to keep this address or just let it go on October 1st and some part of me couldn’t do it. Fate smiled on me as I was invited to the Google Domains Beta test and I could hold on for another year at just $12. Seemed more than fair. Plus I have had a couple friends asking me lately where I write and the answer was a depressing nowhere so here we are.

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