The deal with my writing

I have a couple of internal rules that might interest a visitor who finds themselves (that doesn’t sound right in my head but I’m moving along anyway) on my little speck of the internet. The first is that I try to sit down and write without worrying about those pesky grammar and other rules that bog down the more educated types. I just want to get some words on paper. The more I think about something the worse it gets. There was a time in my life where art was a very large part of it and I always had a problem with not liking something immediately after it was complete. So I developed this awesome quirk of never really completing anything creative. You get the idea but I knew that wouldn’t work with writing.

Which brings us to the next rule stolen from a childhood game of cards. Once it’s laid it’s played. This means that if I type it and move on I’m stuck with it and so are you. This helps me both keep my for fun writing time to a minimum and prevents me from ending up in some endless editing loop.(I should have figured out how to get a couple more ends in that sentence)

And then there is the thing about the theme… I have none. This would probably be easier if I did but then it would turn into a grind and I would start to wonder if I could ever make any money doing it. Nope, just what plops on the page when I sit down to write.

And speaking of when or a schedule (all hail the return of the segue king) I don’t really have one of those either. I love my job as you will most likely learn if you stick with reading this nonsense and it keeps me very busy. My days are normally scheduled to the half hour which means most of my writing will come after hours. BUT sometimes I will have chunks of time that I don’t know how to otherwise manage like this morning. My call that is supposed to be taking place right now asked if I could wait 10 minutes while they gathered everyone together. No problem but no real time to get into anything else that required thought or concentration. I’m currently attempting to curb my internet surfing so this is what you get. Gots to go my 10 minutes is up.

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