Pants on Fire

Four days in and I’m already a liar. I said that I was going to keep this thing away from the big web logging type services but here I sit on Blogger. I tried for three whole days to make the other page work but the flaws started to show immediately. Last night I wanted to write something quickly as I discovered that during the transition between the chills and burning up the other night my bride took a picture and posted it on Facebook.

At first I didn’t know why the picture I looked at seemed so familiar then it hit me. The cat must have been enjoying the nuclear amounts of heat I was throwing off ignoring the hibernating bear snores coming from that awful grey bearded mouth. Some caption about me loving the animals that infest this house made me want to reply but BookFace is not my thing. I am a stalker everywhere but here.
Anyway I couldn’t figure out how to post to the page from my phone. I am fairly technical by nature so it wasn’t for a lack of trying and that’s when I started thinking that I needed to find somewhere else to post. My first thought was to head back to my old friend WordPress but I remembered that it would run me $100.00 a year to do what I wanted. There was a time when I had higher hopes for this nonsense and the money didn’t bother me but that time has passed.
So now I’m here at least for now now now horrible sentence writer guy needs to stop writing the word now. The only regret with the move so far is that I can’t get my original logo to work with these templates. I talked about it a couple of posts ago so I don’t feel right leaving it totally off the site so I will end this post with that image.

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