As I sit here getting ready to type I’m stuck wondering who if anyone to tell that I’m back writing. As I’ve always believed this thing in whatever form is mostly for me. I used to have a tagline that read “the only form of therapy I can afford” and there was a lot of truth in those words. It could be the minor rush of accomplishment because I help and teach people for a living but I don’t get a great sense of I DID THAT and when I do few folks give a crap. So I write this with the delusion that it will be at the very least read.

And therein lies the rub. I don’t really want everyone reading this stuff. Some people have a hard time separating random thoughts from reality. Others have trouble not walking up to me in real life and talking about something I wrote like it was a weekly column in a newspaper where I was looking for some kind of feedback…

Now if you’ve stumbled upon this for the first time and see the relative small amount of content and sparse conditions you might be thinking I’m nuts. While that is definitely true I used to be a full-on every day internet writer guy with online writing friends and a small following by small I mean really small. 100 people a day small after more than ten straight years. But my impressive rise to stardom aside a lot of those people were friends and family who used my writing as a way to keep tabs on me.

I liked that until every story I told at parties got interrupted because the audience had already read a version online. That starts to hurt right in the feelings. But whining is not the purpose of today’s post. I really need to decide who I am going to tell. It doesn’t really matter as writing on this plain format web page I can’t get caught up in how many unique visits I got or bogged down in comments. It is what it is.

I think I’ll just tell people as it pops in my head. Hard to not sound like a self-promoting douche though and that might be a stumbling block. “Hey did you hear that I’m writing again?” yuck. I’ll figure it out or I won’t. Either way I’m gonna keep on writin here.

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