So this happened

While I was off the air a tree jumped up and squished my neighbors car. It was a horrible storm during the day on a Friday and my son was the first family member on the scene. The above picture is the one he sent me in a text. He said he was going over to make sure the eighty plus year old woman was OK. I was more worried that she might still be in the car and asked him if he wanted me to call the police but luckily not the case.

She was justifiably shaken but physically in tact so the boy put a tarp, duct tape, and weights on the disaster to ease her mind. (She was crying and telling him that water was going to get in her car. This is what he was telling me on the phone while trying to find tarps. He cracked me up when he said “her car is already full of tree”)The tree sat there just like that for days and when the city finally showed up I was glad I was at home.

These gentleman came in three tree removal apparatuses. (that word doesn’t sound right to me either but lets move along shall we?) Booms cutters claws chainsaws chippers and they had the balls to send a guy over to me to say they were only responsible for the branches that fell blocking the street.

I let said same city employee know my neighbors age, years in the community, health issues, and reminded him that we are across the street from a school. (notice the crosswalk sign in my child’s expertly framed shot above) Kids would be walking by the wreckage the following morning and if anyone were to get hurt I would need all of their names just in case anyone asked. I also mentioned that I would be calling every news channel I could about an octogenarian 50 year tax paying resident of our town who was abandoned by public works in her time of need.  It was a Sunday and I didn’t have anything better to do.

After a five minute call to his supervisor they got work. I got my lawn chair and a beer for the show. She came home during the work and stayed outside with me until they finished. I only laughed out loud once when she started complaining about the damage their trucks were doing to my lawn.  She was crying and thanking them and then crying at the sight of her flat Cadillac minus the tree.

The supervisor came over to me before they left and thanked me saying it was the right thing to do. I shot a you’re welcome but followed it by letting him know that I was kind of looking forward to getting on TV. Oh well, near brush with fame foiled for a speedy resolution.

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