background err foundation maybe

It turns out that even with my limited release of this nonsense there are a couple of people stopping by to read. Then it hit me that I might want to put down a little background for those not in the know. so here I go…

I am an almost fifty year old adult male who has grown to his full height of just over six feet four inches and I weigh in at just under three hundred pounds. That is quite a bit down from a year ago as I jumped on a scale for the first time in a long while and hit a high that frightened me. I walk the earth much like an adolescent Grizzly except the all fours thing kills my knees, hands and back.

I shave my head because if I didn’t I would have this ridiculous isthmus and island thing going on. You know, the ring of hair and a clump on top. I’ve had some form of facial hair for most of my adult life since I first started shaving and found out that by afternoon I needed to shave just around my mouth again to get rid of the blue looking shadow. I wear it in what most people mistakenly think of as a goatee but is really a van dyke. look it up.

I live in Northwest Suburban Chicagoland with my wife of 25 to life and 3 kids. Wait, the two girls are actually in college so they don’t technically live here but I’m still paying for their complete existences so they still count I guess. The boy is in high school. If I write about them in the future I will use code names as none of them asked for this and even when I not trying I can be embarrassing especially to my offspring.

Currently four animals infest my home and that number is down from a high of six if memory serves. Two cats and two dogs. I’m not going to complain much about these pains in my ass because that was one of my New Year’s resolutions and I’m trying to hang in there.

Our house is small by modern american standards but it suits us just fine. We had a shot at moving a couple years ago to a bigger house in the neighborhood but the kids voted it down. Other than that I love what I do for a living but don’t really write about that here other than travel related annoyances and occurrences. Anything else you will just have to figure out on your own as we progress.

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