The Blogger app sucks HARD

It’s this kind of crap that makes me rethink the whole online writing thing and I realize how weak this sounds a whole nine days in. One of the reasons I chose Blogger to write on aside from its free price tag was the ability to post from my phone when things got boring. I was sitting up last night unable to sleep so I thought I’d write a little something. Everything went great until it was time to publish… aaaarrrrgggg! I kept getting error messages.

This shit is supposed to calm me down not raise my internal pressure. I tried for a frustrating half hour to get it to work when my phone finally had enough and warned me of an impending power down. I plugged it in and went to bed. pissed.

Then, up earlier than I wanted to be, I gave it another shot just for giggles. Nope. Did a little online research and found nothing on the subject. You get what you pay for and in this case free means bent over and tied to a bolder with no explanation in site. I dearly miss my beloved WordPress but it would cost me $99 a year to do what I want to get done. Sadly this nonsense isn’t worth that to me right now.

I think I finally posted it online but that takes away a big chunk of useful. The picture I used was a text from child number two and getting images from the thing I carry every day to this space on the interweb was one of the main points. I will work on a fix tonight while not sleeping but until I figure something out I want to punch this platform in the face.

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