It was fun seeing middle child yesterday at parent’s weekend. Just like my real college experience we ditched the class that we signed up for and just hung out with the kid. In her room looking around the dizzying collage of her work, friends work, posters, and things that can only be categorized as “other” I discovered this painting of the wife and I when we were dating.

Always disturbing to be looking around and discover your younger self looking back. Anyway, its art and what she loves so I’m just going with it. So we took her and a couple friends out to dinner and it was a good time. OK the meal wasn’t so great but the conversation was fun. I especially enjoy watching my child squirm as her mother uses expert interrogation techniques on her friends. Good stuff.

The wheels started to come off when I ordered an Uber ride back for the group and the dude took 20 minutes to find us. I am a huge fan of the service and use it all over the country where available and this was my first bad experience. Then after he dropped us off he charged me for the whole time he was lost. That will not stand.

All in all a good day and it was one of those made up holidays to boot. (crap, I wrote to boot and have no idea what that means. Now that’s going to bother me.)  I did ask the person who told us it was Sweetest Day when Sourest Day was and got nothing in response. Not even a groan of disapproval. Oh well, at least those with me scurried away in shame.

I do so love the location of this schools dorms…

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