These progressive lens glasses are garbage and its not because I’m not used to them. Natural way of reading my ass. The top of the things are for far away vision which the doctor said I didn’t need any help with. The bottom edge is for close up reading and the middle is for mid distance. The crazy part of this whole scheme is that middle part that you use the most during the day while working on a computer is just in the middle of the lens. So if you have a wide screen monitor like I do instead of tracking things across the surface like a normal person you have to turn your head back and forth as if reading were a tennis match.

The idiot that fitted my spectacles told me that the easiest thing to do would be to remember that my nose needed to point toward whatever I want to see… What kind of shit invention is this. I’m sure there is some scientific refractory nonsense that explains why shifting your eyeballs to wither side in these things turns everything blurry but it all boils down to dumb.

I’m heading back to the eye place tomorrow to get something different because this nonsense cannot be allowed to continue. I have a screaming headache, my neck is annoyed by all of the exercise, and completely turning my head to see something is making me want to slap myself. Time for some old school tip of the nose readers. Look down your nose to read pain in the ass small print above them for the rest of the world. I might even get a lanyard thing for around my neck as it cant look any worse than constant complete head turns.

Its like the genius behind this invention got bored and stopped working on the solution before it was complete. How in the hell is it OK to have 2 built in blind (fuzzy, unclear, might as well be painted black) spots in a pair of glasses? Yet here I sit wearing them. I am stupidtom.

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