Monday not Funday

I’m cramming a weeks worth of regular work into a single day which makes me extremely salty. This travel week is different than most so I need to tie my calendar up in a neat little package by the time I call it quits tonight. Right now I nervously type this as I wait for any one of my three later in the week appointments to call and talk now. Normally I would just do one at a time but aint nobody got time fo dat.

I am typing this in an attempt at stopping myself from beginning another little project. Right now my desk is covered in three all at the point where problem solving is required. That means if I begin work on one of those and I get a call something will sour. I teach people all the time that work with a deadline requiring concentration should not be mixed with customer service. One, the other, or both will suffer.

I had to write something for professional publication last week and I blocked out 2 hours to get it done. During that time I fielded 3 calls that were supposed to take “just a second.” When I read the final product I could see the spots in the writing where the calls came in and it was embarrassing. So this post is a way of killing time without investing much thought and has the added benefit of me not really caring if it sucks.

Wait, I care, its just that some of my worst writing in the past has been some of my best. My brain dominates the field of throw away comments and those come best when I’m not trying to produce one. Drinking is an aid but functional alcoholic isn’t on my schedule for quite a while and needs me to invent and perfect my business idea: Stupidtom’s Whadayahavin Retirement Home.

Just so I lock it in for litigation sake right now the rough sketch includes

  • all booze included with your monthly fee
  • sponsorship from major distributors as they lose ground to legalized pot
  • counting the drinks of others is grounds for immediate dismissal
  • extra-wide padded hallways, bathrooms, and rooms
  • you will never be more than arms reach from a drink or a snack
  • Stupidtom’s exclusive Block the Doc program
There’s a whole lot more but my phone is finally ringing.

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