mystery solved

Packed full of stuff to do on this trip I am learning a bunch along the way. Saint Paul Minnesota has this elaborate human habitrail system which finally explains the mystery of this creepy downtown. When you drive around this place it’s weird because there aren’t a ton of shops and restaurants like I’m used to in other cities. I could never put my finger on what was wrong or where everyone eat drank and shopped.

Wait I should explain… My company is in the first stage of a two year process of relocating to downtown St. Paul. This is the one that means the most to me because our brand new training facility is where I’ll spend the bulk of my time. I’m sitting in the hotel where we will stay and its two straight and one curved tube away from the new building. It was on my walk over today that I discovered the answers to my earlier odd feelings.

Life thrives in these dam tubes. You can buy anything in the habitrail and I’m pretty sure the only people who have to venture outside are smokers and the tough as nails homeless folks. Speaking of them by the way they must have an entire squad of bum sweepers as I have yet to encounter a beggar of any kind. This much concentrated foot traffic in Chicago would get you someone with a cup every ten feet or so. I’ll be interested to see what they are like in January when it gets skin killin cold outside.

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