all hallows ween

I ditched out of the meeting after our office survival pool lunch aka Losers Talking About Losing which I am normally not in town to attend. I was dead tired when I hit the road but nothing a horrendous Five Hour Energy couldn’t handle. Anyway, I forgot to write about my pre-trip phone problems.

I need to begin this tale by letting you know I am a technology geek. I read about it whenever I can, and there was a time when my writing got me free stuff to try. Those days are gone but I still love the stuff. That is until it crosses me.

Monday night my phone betrayed me. I was the proud user of a OnePlus One. I’ll sum up for the non geeks among you. Small Chinese phone manufacturer selling a high end phone for $300. They accomplished that by not spending any money on advertising. You had to get an invitation to buy one and people are still waiting in line.

I loved everything about it until for no apparent reason it went into what is called “boot loop” which means it is constantly restarting. The problem with a phone mail ordered from China is lack of local tech support. I tried for a panicked hour to fix it myself because I had a trip the next morning at 5:30am.

So I headed out to my local AT&T store to buy a phone from a manufacturer who will back it up in this country. I did that but not after some considerable back and forth with some insane brand loyal d-bags that I’ll write about later. I’ve already rambled on for too long and I’m thumb typing from my new toy but keeping a consistent thought is tough on trick or treat.

I’ll leave you with a picture from the new training room.

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