new phone

Yes I understand that yesterdays effort sucked just a bit but if you read this more than once you need to get used to that. I was trying to post from the phone while handing out candy and the weather was so terrible that I let the people I knew inside to warm up and talk for a minute. Luckily I wasn’t drinking or I’d probably be sitting here right now with sleeping costumed adults in various states of disrepair.

As it stands the lower level of the house looks like a costume shop and a candy store blew up. Best guess is seven boys but that is from a distance. I am having trouble with this species as they struggle with the scents their bodies are producing. The mixture of hormone fueled body odor and Axe body spray makes me gag. I can only council my own son on hygiene without feeling creepy so I have to endure his friends so there’s no way I’m walking down into that smell soup any time soon.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about phones. I mentioned that I had to get a new one fast Monday night because the OnePlus broke and I had a communication dependent trip this week. In the store I was waited on by an Apple zealot. I should tell you that I used to be Apple-all-in myself but we had a public breakup. I wrote about it and if I can figure it out maybe I’ll make an Old Post page and put it up there… So this salesperson was looking at my account and reminded me that I already had six apple devices so I should just get the iPhone 6.

No thank you. GET ME THE PHONE I ASKED FOR PLEASE. I was already salty because I was getting a new phone when I really didn’t want one and I asked for a specific make and model which should have been a signal that I wasn’t looking for advice. I was polite with my no thank you and just wanted the one I asked for but she persisted. So I pushed as to her lack of understanding my clearly spoken English language request and she mumbled something about Apple being better.

HOLY SHIT how do people not understand customer service and why are they so brand and or system loyal!? I DON’T GET IT. Both sides make great stuff. Apple and Google (I don’t count Microsoft as they have some cool phones but no one uses them so no one writes apps. Vicious circle that means I wont use one) need each other because if one went away the other would get lazy in no time. I moved from one to the other because I like to tinker. My phone is in a constant state of flux just the way I like it. Apps, widgets, icons, backgrounds, automation, I screw around with all of that all the time and Apple wouldn’t let me do that. No big deal just personal preference.

She was afraid to tell me that the one I wanted was only available in white and once again she was making up my mind for me rather than present options. While I have never owned a white phone I’m not prejudiced in any way and I always put a case on everything because accidents happen. A tiny house crammed full of big humans two cats and two dogs means that no flat surface is ever truly safe. Anyway, white phone, who cares, just get it.

Got the phone, very happy, but managed to complain and got some money off plus a free case. Hopefully it came out of the salesperson’s commission or she didn’t with the Cram Apple contest. Now I need to get back to emailing the Chinese about fixing my other phone so I can sell it.

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