OK I get it

Enough already with your I Voted sticker. You sat in a booth and guessed at more than half the crap you read. Feels good don’t it? Before this goes any further I should disclose that I did in fact vote today and I guessed at more than half the options because I have no idea which judges are good or bad. I even tried to find some sort of ranking for Illinois judges and everything on the interweb is a complete pain in the ass. Our state is broken and the vote today just made me feel dirty.

The political ads here are ridiculous. They are so negative that I found myself voting against a couple of ads not the candidate. The one that really pissed me off said his opponent rand a company that MOVED JOBS TO CHINA and DID BUSINESS WITH IRAN. I would have had more respect if they would have just called him a terrorist. Veiled cowardice wrapped in chickenshit. Anyway my opinions about the broken state of politics in the country are not the subject of this post.

I want to talk about the dude who had the stones to talk down to me because I wasn’t wearing one of the aforementioned stickers. I’m not sure if he was stationed in the store exit trying to drum up votes or what but he caught me just right. “What about my right to NOT vote?” The a-hole hadn’t heard that one before so he started on some duty as a citizen and I countered that he only cared for his candidates and or party.

I went on to tell him that I felt his verbal assault was bullying and should be ceased immediately. I asked if he had a 26.2 sticker on his car because those made people feel bad too especially the gravity challenged like myself. When he turned away it wasn’t fun anymore but I did manage to mumble that he should be ashamed as I walked away. Election day has made me cranky and I haven’t even begun to watch any of the nonstop coverage.

I did like the story that a bunch of our polling places didn’t open up this morning because someone sent out a fake robo-call telling election judges to stay home. That is a perfect example of the high end individuals we have monitoring our precious votes.

Hey, the phone just said I don’t need to go in tomorrow… Must have changed the date or something… One less thing…

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