The picture I’m going to post after I write for a while sucks. It was taken from the back of my Uber on the way to the airport. I was staring out the window having random thoughts about all of the different businesses along the route and how they manage to survive. When you drive somewhere enough landmarks are something that both mark and pass time.
One of mine is the radar tower followed by the tarmac. I look at them both every single trip. Usually just a glance except this time there was a pillar of black smoke.
Fumbled for my phone, fat fingered the unlock then the camera just in time to take the following shite shot. Nothing says travel unease like something burning on the runway. Once I got past security (stupidtom not dumbtom) I asked around but noone knew what I was talking about.
Flight wasn’t delayed and my extensive search from the plane window showed nothing either. This shitty picture is my only evidence that I’m not crazy. At least on this single occurrence. This also proves that I have no shot at proving the existence of bigfoot. Check that off of my list.

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