One of those travel days that makes me question my love of the job. Not works fault that air travel is not what it once was but I only fly this much for them so I have a tough time separating. Anyway, Polar Vortex nonsense plus a flight to Orlando equaled a splitting headache that I have yet to make go away. If I take any more blood thinning pain medication my sweat will turn red. I’m drinking water and Diet Coke using the chug and wait method. Take down a bottle and give it a half hour to fix things. Then grab the other one. Wash rinse repeat.

This post has no hope of being good but its killing time while I try to heal. I thought it was lack of food but I ate very well with some coworkers and that didn’t fix things either. I might have busted an eardrum cranking up my music to drown out the four screaming kids I had within earshot on the plane. The pressure on this flight was a pisser for ME so the kids were flipping their lids. The little girl in my row yelled so loud and so long that I got tired. That kid could be an Olympic athlete some day. Impressive.

It’s a good thing I’m spacing the posts out a bit as I’m being spammed by someone or something in Bulgaria. 30ish posts and 6,600 hits according to my Google overlords but most of those are from a tiny country I know nothing about. Some kind of weird spam I don’t understand because it doesn’t show up for you to see or click and I don’t care enough to follow the links. I like me but not that much. I don’t care enough to figure out why they would do it. I just want this effing headache to go away. I’m in a resort where everything is annoying me.

I was on the phone and what I thought was a stuffed parrot blinked then spoke to me. I walked outside to enjoy the nice evening right into a laser light show. Now sitting near my balcony because the thing is about my body width I just jumped as some distant fireworks show just began. Sleep isnt going to come easily and I’m dropping an hour due to the time change. Now this whiny bitchy writing is annoying me. I need to go before I throw my phone as an accomplice.

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