tommy fileseed

Last night found me time traveling through various online note taking and file saving systems until midnight. I don’t know what it is but I seem to have a problem with all things online. I am an early adopter always looking for the latest and greatest but once something disappoints its dead to me. Except the content that I stored or created there remains until you go through the painful process of housecleaning.

I began the journey with Evernote. I used to love this thing because it was a place to jot down and store my very thought, idea, note, and even web clipping all in a searchable database. The only problem is once you store up a giant pile of nonsense what are you supposed to do with it? It’s like I had three years worth of paper scraps in a real neat pile and they want me to pay for the upgrade to handle all of the services that they activated on all of my stuff. (OK I get that I said yes but it all seemed like a great idea at the time…) Saving pictures from my phone and computer, data from various apps, plus whatever else I could generate. It was enough already.

Like and good hoarder before I could delete that thing from my life I had to go through each piece of trash. A long and laborious process that yielded a few gems but a lot of memory triggers. I found a folder that contained phrases from unsent emails. Before I learned restraint I used to have myself on a delay like a radio station. I would type whatever angry response and then wait at least a day before sending. Rarely did one of those missiles get launched but I did manage to keep some that made me smile. I’ll post a few and remember that these are business setting communications.

“Listen you smug little turd…”
“If you know so much why did you ask for my help in the first place?”
“Maybe if you weren’t so busy pretending to work…”
“you are GREAT at mediocrity”
“I’m sorry but my eyes crossed halfway through your filibuster email”
“I just counted and this is our twelfth email about the same thing. Should I use a different font?”

It was painful and fun all rolled into one. Then I started to look at the different online storage units I rent. Once I realized they have all been culling various amounts of files, pictures, and music, I got overwhelmed and went to bed. I’m hitting the road this week and my off-time goal is to clean up and simplify my digital life. I will leave you with a puzzle. This was in a folder called stupidtom so I’m assuming I wrote about it but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is…

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