forgot this was here

This last travel stretch was an absolute ass kicking. This is not whining but a kind of excuse for my internet disappearing act. The week was spent creating content for an upcoming class and ten straight hours of content creation followed by a couple hours of big group dinner every day rendered me useless by the time I got back to the room. I tell you this to explain the lack of posting but to also set the table for this mess.

I woke up the second night in a complete cold sweat from a nightmare I couldn’t remember. The volume on the TV was pinned and a language that I didn’t understand was blaring at me. I think I fell asleep with the thing on and somewhere around 3:00am I must have rolled over onto the remote turning the channels and cranking the volume. Whatever my subconscious did with all of that stimulus wasn’t good but thankfully the same brain that scared the crap out of me flushed the horror from my memory. I did have a little trouble falling back to sleep with the racing heart, overall moistness, and complete confusion.

I have a coworker going through a major health crisis and aside from her being one of my favorite people in the company she is by far the most productive. What this means is I had a few precious days with her to get an ass-load of work done within this workshop we were attending. It was great but I was cramming my agenda into the smallest scheduling crack and annoying my group by bringing everything we talked about back to MY class.

The final day was Saturday and when it ended at two I decided I would just drive home. Popped a five our energy and headed out from St. Paul. On the way back the normally pleasant drive got bumpy. I have no need for the GPS on that trip because I do it so often but after my second drifting mind wrong turn I decided to have it running as backstop.

Just when I get my mind right and begin to come down from the energy shot I hit a wall of dead stop traffic the likes of which I hadn’t experienced in a long time. So bad that I counted two cars that ran out of gas during the fun. There was an awesome road rage incident where a dude in a truck jumped out and screamed at the top of his lungs at the driver behind him. Something about being up his ass and no one going more than two miles per hour.

I mention this because the girl he was yelling at was brilliant. She just stared straight ahead not looking at him or her passenger. Then at the height of him losing his lid she decided to hit the wiper fluid and clean her field of vision. This cranked him up even more so I locked that move away for future potential use. I was a little concerned that he might flip completely and back over her monster truck style but whatever help line he called seemed to calm him down.

That shitshow plus my mental blunders turned a normal five and a half hour drive into just under nine so once again I was spent. Right now I’m writing this to calm down and take a day off. Part of me wants to get back to work because I need a clean slate this week before Wednesday night. Dad’s behaving badly or Black Wednesday is one of my favorite events of the year. I need to go bang out my honeydo list before football begins for the day.

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