hold please

siting and waiting, standing and waiting, pacing and waiting. It sounds like the opening line to a poemish sort of thing but its just the sum of my life today. Right now I’m adding writing and waiting as yet another appointment has asked me to “hold on for five minutes or so.” With the average delay working out to be 15 I should have enough time to craft something utterly disappointing before the telephone rings.

Holiday weeks are a pisser for most companies and mine is no exception. The people who need my help let the holidays somehow slip their minds and a palpable panic fills the phone lines. Which is the treat that I not-so patiently await. I would normally welcome the break but this holding pattern doesn’t let me get any real work done and that’s where this guy gets frustrated. I will probably work a little later into the evening as the house is at an elevated Thanksgiving Prep Threat Level.

The boy and I have it set at a high yellow with a predicted move into orange sometime tomorrow. Wednesday is anyone’s guess as wife and son are off of school, eldest will be driving home, and I have been volunteered to pick up the art bunch from downtown. It would seem that the center child has picked up a couple of holiday strays. Nice kids who have been out to eat with us before but cramming them into this castle can only add to the fun.

They had better be ready to roll when I get down there because I have pre scheduled yearly questionable behavior followed by an early morning football game on turkey day. With the festivities at our house my traditional muscle relaxant shower will not be followed by a delicious nap but these are the sacrifices that we make. I came across another pile of old blog fun from the ambulance company days. If memory serves this was my going away party as I headed to Tucson. Enjoy a young stupidtom still desperately holding on to some hair on his head.

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