I dodged a big bullet today in the form of missing the confirmation class Day of Service. The boy is our last to go through the program and I am not even his teacher but it seems that these young men have some trouble behaving during the class so there was discussion that I might need to drive and partake in the festivities to make sure they remain on point. (take a deep mental breath after that awful sentence. sorry) As I have coached most of them at one time or another that wouldn’t be a problem but I had a bear of a week and Sunday is football day. Luckily I have a wife who can tell that I am entering the danger zone and she got me out of it.

So I have been locked in to the NFL ADD channel or Red Zone to everyone else and I don’t think I napped but the next thing I knew it was after 5:00 and I hadn’t done a single productive thing. I was washing the Boy’s potential Mat Rot infested wrestling gear and getting a couple other things busted out before they get home when I figured that writing something here might make me feel better. I’m not sure this is going to work but the completion will allow my broken brain to check something off as complete.

There is something I wanted to tell you about as it will probably get me kicked off of the face book. I became more irritated than usual at some of my friends this week for their posting behavior. I’ve talked about this before, endless re-postings, a thousand recipes, religious and or political nonsense, and incessant begging that has ramped up for the holiday season. This meant it was time to trim the friend fat. And I didn’t want to be a chickenshit about the process like most people. I was going to let these folks know exactly why I will no longer follow their nonsense.

That lasted two whole people before I was exhausted so everyone else just got a “f*ck you” message from yours truly. I typed it with the asshole symbol to replace the u so any who were offended and chose to report me would be tattling on an inferred (I hated that word the second I typed it. Reader infers writer implies I think but I know dam well what I wrote. Oh well, anyway…) swear word. It wouldn’t kill me to get banned but when the duck-blind works its a lot of fun.

Case in point: I have an old friend melting down over the dissolution of his marriage and the stuff he is posting is priceless. It sucks that I have to sift through so much nonsense to get to the crazy but I’ve started mainlining his page and that seems to help. Gots to go, things to do, enjoy your day.

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