I just finished getting a lecture on writing daily. Speaking with someone at work about the amount of creative writing I have had to do lately and the subject turned to journaling. This person went on to tell me what a huge mistake I was making by not forcing myself to write something down every day. I just sat here and took it as I was not about to expose this crap to a bunch of random work scrutiny and I didn’t feel like making up an entire physical diary. By the end I found myself getting pissed but I had to eat it due to the customer status of the wise one on the other end of the phone.

It must have bothered me more than I thought since I couldn’t contain the smart-ass once the topic turned toward technology. I am a bit of a technophile (not sure if that is a word or not but I was looking for big fan of technology) and usually light up during these types of conversations. When the bragging commenced about his new smart-watch I couldn’t help myself. Specifically when I was told that I HAD to get one.

“Why?” I asked with genuine interest trying to find a reason I might have overlooked from the two I had already purchased and returned. He listed four or five nonsense reasons and when he took a breath I said “But doesn’t your phone have to be close?” He gave me some made up answer and before he could finish his bullshit I chimed in with a couple rapid fire questions. “Don’t you have to charge them like every other day at least?” and “Why is a vibration on my wrist better than in my pocket?” He spent a bunch on his new toy so he was ready but I was no longer in the mood to play.

If you want to really piss off someone with a moto 360 ask them about the dead black zone where the six should be. They will probably have some half baked excuse but I find a mumbled “looks kind of dumb” to be extremely effective. Then I was finished playing with him so I told of my smart watch purchase history in an effort to make it stop. No such luck. It’s like he had a press release for the dam thing right in front of him. As he pushed me on my reasons for return in an invitation to debate kind of way I finally said “I felt like a giant douche petting my watch.”

We were done discussing after that. I really should write things down. I wonder what his daily entry says about me? Probably contains the word troglodyte.

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